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FOX News
Apr 27, 2013 12:00am PDT
was hacked. a message went out saying two explosions in the white house and barack obama is injured. the ap suspended the account and announced they were hacked. when the news hit twitter the dow jones trillion lanch plummeted 150 points. that's a lot because i think it is 200 points. the syrian electronic army took credit. why? what is their point? >> they plunge the the dow. somebody hacking into a twitter account. that's all i can say. >> they will get stories wrong as it is. it will probably hack my account and say i am fun fee -- funny. >> you can get on if you have a computer and you can often see if you are hanging out at best buy. >> when i sleep in the library. this annoys me. the ap is a reputable source. you had the opportunity to tweet anything. this hacker is a hack. it is a dumb tom clancy plot. it would have been don trump admitted he is a circus clown or greg gutfeld announces his retirement and he will be going bar to the hobbits. you had an opportunity to do something cool with that and blew it. >> bill, he has a point. wasn't this the premise of did the die hard 4". i ba
FOX News
May 3, 2013 12:00am PDT
and let you get john gibson tattoo on your back. >> that's because his hair is so white you can barely see it. >>> coming up, should president obama be impeached and tried for high treason? jedediah bila on her new book h to the l to the yeah. and first, is amanda bynes mentalgood lord, no. quite the opposite, actually. you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around. >>> in protecting against terror how much can we bearer. yes, where is the line on peace of mind? a new survey has found that four in 10 americans say they would be willing to give up some of their civil liberties if it was necessary to stop terrorism on our soil. 49% said hell no and 9% said it depends. the poll conducted by cnn after the boston bombing found that 81% favor increasing the use of camera surveillance on streets and public places. 55% say they support authorities monitoring internet chat rooms. and just 38% backed expanded government monitoring of cell phones and e-mail. anyway, somewhat less importantly how can dogs protect against kisses? >> of anything i have ever seen on this show, that was horrible. >> eve
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2